A set of poster hangers to hang prints easily, quickly - and most important - beautifully.

Each hanger is made of round Solid Oak dowel. The pieces of wood snap together over the print using neodymium magnets, keeping it in place.

Hang them directly over a small nail in the wall, and change prints easily and as often as you like.

Made of Solid Oak with neodymium magnets
Choose from a range of sizes:
A4 - Length: 210mm (suitable for A4 Portrait)
A3 - Length: 297mm (suitable for A3 Portrait or A4 Landscape)
A2 - Length: 420mm (suitable for A2 Portrait or A3 Landscape)
A1 - Length: 594mm (suitable for A1 Portrait or A2 Landscape)
A0P - Length: 841mm (suitable for A0 Portrait or A1 Landscape)
A0L - Length: 1189mm (suitable for A0 Landscape)

We can also do custom sizes. Check out pricing here: https://www.moodstore.co.nz/product-page/custom-length-poster-hanger-solid-oak

Poster Hanger - Solid Oak


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